Travel from Milan to Lucerne

We propose to travel from Milan to Lucerne. We hold swiss rail pass. Is it a good idea to travel from Milan to Chiasso (euro 5.250
by regional and use the swiss Pass for travel from Chiasso to Lucerne?

Posted by Lola
Seattle, WA
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That is one way to do it. Y You could also buy your tickets on Trenitalia for the route Milano Centrale to Arth-Goldau (where you normally change for the train to Luzern), or for one of the trains that go from Milano Centrale to Lucerne with no changes. This will save you from changing trains at chiasso and again at Arth-Goldau. The first such train leaves Milan really early, but the second one departs at 14:10. It is the Eurocity 158. You can buy this ticket at the train station in Italy, or on the Trenitalia website. The website will allow you to input that you have a Swiss Pass and will reduce the fare according, to 15 euro for 2d class or 17 euro for first class. That includes a reserved seat. To buy these on Trenitalia, input "Milano Centrale" and "Luzern" (spelled that way) for your date of travel. From the array that is offered, choose the EC 158, and a window will open with a button to "see other fares." Click that and a new screen will appear with a drop-down menu under "Offer". Use this menu to change from "adult standard" to GA Switzerland 2 if you are traveling in 2d class, or GA Switzerland if you are traveling in First class and your Swiss pass is in First Class. (WE find second class fine for travel in Switzerland). Then it will reduce the price to 15 euros. You will have to enter your pass number before you can complete the purchase.

Posted by Suryanarayana
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Thanks a million Lola.We are returning on 18th May to Milan.Should I book the return tickets also on Trenitalia? Also we have a Swiss Saver Pass for 8 days-is it the same as GA Switzerland?