travel from Marseilles to Rome or Venice

I need an inexpensive way to get my daughter from Marseilles to Rome and then from Venice to Marseilles. She's checked air and rail and can't find anything less than $300 each way. She is already in France. Any ideas?

Posted by Swan
Napa, CA
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You might look at plane schedules using Nice rather than Marseilles, then train between Nice and Marseilles. I like for budget airfares.

Posted by Norm
Ottawa, Canada
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Swan has a good suggestion to train to Nice, then fly to Rome on the way out. Blu Express flies Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays from a low of 60 Euro and up (Thursdays) On the way back, though, she can fly direct. Italian discount airline Myair flies Venice-Marseille direct, from 40 Book both of these ASAP, but be aware of cancellation or change restrictions.

Posted by Tim
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You don't say how soon your daughter will make this trip. However, if she books well in advance (up to 90 days allowed) at, she can get a Loisir fare of 23€ for a train from Marseille to Nice and a Smart fare of 45€ for a bunk in a four-person couchette on the direct Nice-Rome night train.

Booked on the same site, the standard fares for those trains should still be much less than $300.

Posted by Robin
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She is traveling Marseilles to Rome on 2/14 and Venice to Marseilles 2/24

Posted by Tim
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The discount fares I gave you for Marseille-Nice and Nice-Roma are still available for 14 February.