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Travel from London to Belgium, France, or The Netherlands....HELP!!!

I would appreciate anyone's help on this!!!!!
I'm traveling to Europe this summer and I have a question about travel from London to mainland Europe. I'll be in London the afternoon of day #1, and then I'll be there all day on days #2 and #3. Day #4 I'd like to leave London sometime mid-morning to head for The Netherlands (visiting my host family from when I was an exchange student in high school). So I'd like to know all my options and what would be easiest...because I need to be in The Netherlands on day #5.
I heard the ferry is slow...but about how long is it? Is it expensive? Boring??? Or good views?
Flying would also be an option because I could just fly directly into Amsterdam, but I think I'd rather do something else because I'd be all flown out!!! ;o)
The that the Chunnel? That kind of freaks me out a bit...but if that's the best option then I'll do it.

OK!!! I hope I haven't confused anyone. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!!
Thanks in advance...

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Options for London to the continent include 2 types of ferries, one fast, one slower out of a number of ports. The "usual" for us has been Dover-Calais or Harwich-Hoek van Holland. The Eurostar which is more expensive but you can get a "resonable" rate to Brussels (I'm a bit freaked about being underwater too) or the cheap airfares-- Easyjet has London Gatwick to Amersterdam as low as about £10 + taxes, etc. (probably around $50). The airplane is the cheapest, but obviously not the most exciting what with 2 hours before the flight at Gatwick and all the other "process," so if it isn't about money or time I really like the ferries.

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Well the chunnel is great but it is a pretty long journey to Amsterdam.
you could do the ferry. We looked at that as an option but the times did not work for us at the time.

we flew easyjet and honestly the flight is so short from London I think that this is one of the best ways to go from london to amsterdam

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The Eurostar is the train the goes through the Chunnel. With "Chunnel" being mostly an American phrase. A good source for flights within Europe is Odopo, The web site for the Eurostar is The one-way tickets on Eurostar tend to be more expensive than the round-trip tickets. If that's the case for your journey, just but a round-trip ticket and toss the return ticket. As far as the best way to go, that depends upon your preferences, especially if you're uncomfortable with the underwater train ride.

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If you haven't already found it, the site for the ferry-train-ferry route is You can get a cheap advance fare for a day trip. Or you can pay a little more for a cabin on an overnight trip, but saving yourself the cost of a night in a hotel and leaving more daylight hours for sightseeing.

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Obviously I should have said train-ferry-train route (two trains, one ferry).

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If you change your mind about flying, I found great rates between Amsterdam and London on Easyjet.