travel from Florence to Montepulciano

Hi, I fly into Florence on Friday, Aug 9 arriving around 6 PM. I am taking the train from Florence to Chiusi on Saturday, Aug 10, and I need to be in Montepulciano that same day by 3 PM or so (for which I am taking the bus from Chiusi to Montepulciano). Would I be able to just go to the train station and buy a ticket for Chiusi on the day of travel? It will be a Saturday, maybe trains are busier? I think this is a regional train - would I be able to purchase a ticket on line from trenitalia prior to my trip - I think I understood on trenitalia's website that one could purchase a train ticket up to 7 days in advance for a regional train - is that correct? Would it be better to go to the train station on Friday night and purchase a ticket for Saturday? I've asked many questions about transportation in Italy and I really appreciate all the help I have gotten. Thank you in advance!

Posted by Frank
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For a Regionale train there is absolutely no reason or advantage to pre-purchasing the ticket other than convenience. R trains are non-reserved which means you stand if a seat is not available or till someone leaves. Believe it or not, an R ticket purchased seven days in advance on the internet has some restrictions so don't do that. Makes no sense. The ticket is never discounted. Just buy the R train ticket at the first station you find. The ticket is good for 60 days. BUT !!!!! you must validate (time stamp) the ticket, general in a yellow box near the platform - some boxes are now a grayish blue, prior to getting on the train. Very expensive if you do not and are caught.

Posted by Roberto
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Buy ticket at the station when you get there sat morn. Use vending machines with credit card if lines at ticket windows are long. You can choose the language of prompts in vending machines and English is of course one of the choices. Validate before boarding.