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how do I get from Salzburg hbf to salburg-aigen? is a eurail pass or Salzburg card acceptable,or is a separate fare required? travel on a weekday.

Posted by Nigel
East Midlands, England
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The S3 S-Bahn. 11 minutes. 5 stops in the direction of Golling-Abtenau. Twice an hour at xx:51 and at xx:21. There is also a bus combination, number 5 to number 7 which take about 24 minutes, and various combinations via Salzburg Süd - but the simple S-Bahn is easiest. Have a look at As far as I can see, the bus route to your destination would be covered by a Salzburg Card but not the S3. The S1 is the only S-Bahn covered but not the others. Or you can use a 24 hour transport pass which would cover. If you are using a Eurail Pass elsewhere in Austria that day it would cost no more to also ride the S-Bahn (S-Bahns are generally covered by a pass-day) but it would be a complete waste to use a pass-day on such a small journey by itself.

Posted by Lee
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From the map, it looks like the distance from Salzburg Hbf to Aigen is about twice the distance as from the Hbf to the old town. I walked that in 2001, and didn't think it was that far. Take the bus or walk (walking is free and good for you)