Travel by car from Prague to Venice

My wife and I are considering getting a rental car to take us between Prague and Venice. Can anyone offer advice? It appears to be roughly 8-9 trip. I'd like to understand cost, what route options, what best sights to see along the way, and if there is a mid-point hotel recommendation for a night's stay (if that even makes sense). Thinking the latter to avoid driving into our hotel in Venice in a travel-weary roadtrip foggy state whilst in the dark. :) Thank you!

Posted by Ilja
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If you just want to get from Prague to Venice then fly. It would be faster and cheaper. However if you want to stop on the way, stay overnight, etc., think about car. To rent a car in one country and return in another is very expensive. Plus the rent itself, expensive european gas, toll roads. I guess you meant 8-9 hours trip. Depending on traffic conditions could be quite longer. This website could be helpful:

Posted by David
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Unfortunately, direct flights from Prague to Venice are unavailable right now. One may later be available through Czech Airline, however.
Wizz Air is a budget carrier, and they go from Prague into Treviso Airport, 25 miles North of Venice. You can catch a train into Venice.

Posted by Ken
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Chad, As the others have mentioned, renting a car in one country and dropping in another often comes with HUGE FEES! You'll also be paying high fuel prices, if your route is through Austria you may need a highway tax vignette (hefty fines without it), tolls, CDW costs, etc. On that route it would be FAR easier (IMHO) to take an EasyJet flight from Prague to Milan (1H:25M) and then high speed train to Venice. They have fares currently listed as low as €40.80 (I used a date in mid-May to check flights). A 12:30 departure will get you to MXP at 13:55, and you should be in Venice in time to enjoy a fine supper. It will still be a 4 - 6 hour trip, but much easier (and likely cheaper) than driving from Prague. Happy travels!

Posted by Tim
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If there's one thing you definitely do NOT need in's a car! Don't do it. It's much more enjoyable to either arrive by train or plane.

Posted by Deanna
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You could hire a car service. We have used Rick's recommended Mike's Chauffeur many times...very reliable! I imagine a rental car would be extremely expensive with drop off fees! Mike is reasonable...his website lists exact prices for that trip, but you can usually pay small fees to add stops along the way if there are towns/cities you want to see. You don't have to worry about getting lost either!

Posted by Eileen
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I thought, Holy Cow, what would Mike's charge?!? So I went to the website... ") Prague - Venice, Italy (nonstop 10 hours) Most of the journey on the highway through The Austrian Alps, 13.500 CZK." "The noted rates are per car up to 4 passengers and include fuel / diesel, tolls & tax. We shall gladly provide rates for a vehicle up to 7 passengers & their luggage upon request." My computations show 13.500 CZK = roughly $680. For FOUR people! (blinkblink) ~$340 p/p? Not too shabby if the flight doesn't work out. Don't forget travel to/from the airports, getting there early for security, czech-in (sorry), collecting luggage... *If my husband and I had had enough sleeping pills for our night train b/n Prague and Venice ( before the train left the station), I wouldn't be here typing this post :-(