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My daughter and her boyfriend are currently in Vilshofen (Bayem) Germany and are planning to travel to the Neuschwanstein Castle above the village of Hohenschwangau near Füssen in southwest Bavaria, Germany. She has asked me (from afar) to help her find out the best train route between these 2 points, and also to find some inexpensive B&B or Youth Hostel options. They are planning to travel early next week (June 17th or June 18th, 2013) Any ideas and recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

Posted by Kathleen
Reston, VA, USA
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Lisa, you may want to repost this on the To the West part of the Helpline - or else change the subject line to be more specific about what you are asking. Just adding "to Neuschwanstein" to the subject would help. You can also check the Graffiti Wall part of this site; I think there's a link to the Deutsche Bahn website which has the best train schedules. Good luck to them; I loved Neuschwanstein!

Posted by Tom
Lewiston, NY
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Rather than write out a detailed explanation, just go to the Deutsche Bahn website. Enter "Vilshofen Bahnhof" as the departure station and "Füssen Bahnhof" as the destination. It will show you how to get there. Or, just tell them go to the trainstation and use the ticket machine (I'm guessing Vilshofen's station is probably unmanned). You can choose English as your language. If they possess the mental capacity to figure out how to use an ATM, the Deutsche Bahn ticket automats won't be anything they can't handle . Even if they don't want to buy their tickets right away, the can use the machine to view their potential rail itinerary.

Posted by Jeffrey
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We were just in Fussen the last week in May and stayed at the Hotel Fantasia. Very nice, relatively cheap, and very close to the train station and bus stop to the castles.

Posted by Bob
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" She has asked me (from afar) to help her find out the best train route between " Perhaps this would be a good time to allow her to make a few adult decisions.

Posted by SUSAN
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This is what gets me....why do people have to put their own opinion onto something other than the question asked. Maybe the daughter feels comfortable asking her mom...I know I would want my child (any age !!!) to feel comfortable asking for assistance, for whatever reason. If the mother didn't want to, or couldn't do it, I'm sure she would say so. She doesn't need you to decide for her what she will or should do. Enough said, and thanks to all who are just kind and helpful and give advice on the questions asked...

Posted by Fred
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Hi, What you could do is to tell her to inquire at a staffed train station, if that's possible. Or, call for for train info... 1805-99-66-33. In Füssen is an HI Youth Hostel, part of DJH, the tel # calling inside Germany is 08362/7754. Those are my suggestions to her.