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Thanks for all the good answers. If you remember my question was about train schedules in Germany. On one segment of our trip we want to to go from Fussen to Freiburg and then maybe to Trier. I am worried I could end up with 3 or 4 train changes per segment. Maybe its better to drive?

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The trains I looked up weren't bad - IF you're careful in choosing. You'll have 2-4 changes b/n Fuessen and Freiburg, and 1-2 changes b/n Freiburg and Trier. The transfers gave plenty of time to change trains; b/n F&F they were 30m! Choose carefully which train you take - look at the number of transfers, the length of transfers (4m at a tiny station is OK), the total length of the trip in hours, and the differences in prices. Some trains with only 2 transfers may take 2h longer (7h vs 5h), AND cost way more (€89 vs €29). You may decide you CAN make 3-4 transfers LOL! That extra €60 per person can buy a lot of wine to soothe any pains incurred from your busier trip ;-) But don't 'cheap out' too much; time is money, so maybe splurging a bit for one train over another will make more sense, time- and money-wise. ALL of this assumes you'll only have one bag each (or so)... I've never driven in these areas; hopefully someone who has will chime in soon.