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Transportation to Venice from Marco Polo airport

My husband and I are arriving at Marco Polo airport and need information about getting to our hotel. In the past we have taken the Alilaguna transport, getting off near St. Mark's Square. Immediately we were met by a fellow who offered to tote our suitcases on a wagon for a price. It was very useful. One question I have is whether this is pretty normally available? And if we were to stop at the Rialto stop (we are at a different hotel, about half-way between the two stops), would it also be a normal practice there? We definitely would like some help with bags.

We are in our 70s, healthy, but with some walking concerns, so the more I can find out in advance, the better. I understand from Rick's book that it is an 8-minute walk to the pier for whatever water transport you choose. If necessary (not anticipated, but possiblly needed) could we ask for wheelchair assistance to get to the pier? And is the loading and offloading of baggage our own responsibility, or is there someone there to help?

We're also looking at a water taxi, more expensive, but it would take us to our hotel water entrance. Do they generally provide loading and offloading of baggage?

One last question: What is the custom for tipping water taxis, aliguna, etc.?
Thanks for your help.

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Having been to Venice several times I've never been met by anyone with a rolling cart offering me assistance to tote my luggage.

Wheelchair to the Alilaguna or Water Taxi. Again, have never seen a wheelchair make this trip, but even if they do - you still have to climb down into the boat and then up out of the boat on arrival.

Water Taxis will help you load/unload your luggage. Alilaguna will take your bags and throw them into the big pile with everyone elses bags. Vaporetta - you're on your own.

If you have walking issues then a private water taxi sounds like the way to go for you.