Transportation in Tuscany

Hi! My husband and I are staying in Florence, where I am studying. I would like to get to Radicondoli, as I visited there a couple of years ago, but I cannot figure out if it is possible or not. We would need to take the trains / buses as we do not have a car, and this seems to be the problem. Ideally we would like to leave Florence in the morning and make our way to Radicondoli then leave in the evening and get even just as far as Colle Val D'Elsa or Poggibonsi depending on where the buses run where we could spend the night. Does anyone know anything about the buses in this area? Thanks,

Posted by David
Florence, AL, USA
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Radicondoli is south of Volterra, and it's very, very far off the beaten path. You might have to go as far as to hire a private driver to take you there.
You really just need to rent a car for a day.