transportation from naples to Amalfi

We will be traveling in Sept. from Naples to Amalfi. We would like to go over water. What are our options? Do we have to make reservations ahead of time or will we be able to make arrangements the day before departure? We will be staying in Naples September 8 and traveling on the 9th.

Posted by Andrea
Portland, OR, USA
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You might rethink this. Naples not so great. We stayed in revello and drove into Naples to see Pompeii. And did a boat tour over to Positano. Revello was wonderful and not so full of tourists. But try to spend at least 2-3 days. The best trip ever!

Posted by Zoe
Toledo, Ohio, US
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I think Andrea means "Ravello", the town at the top of the hill near Amalfi. You will need to take a car, taxi or bus to get to it.

Posted by Carol
Gold Canyon
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Let me be more clear about our plans. We are leaving a cruise ship one night early in Naples because it is closer to Amalfi(Atrani). We thought it would be easy to go from Naples by boat to Amalfi instead of by bus or taxi. We will be staying in Atrani for a week and will spend the week exploring from there. I'm looking for suggestions to consider if it is advisable to try the boat idea or not. We thought it would be a scenic ride. Thanks for the responses.

Posted by gerri
lexington, il
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Yes Carol, The ferry line Metro del Mare will take you to Amalfi. Location is about 1 block west of the terminal your ship will dock at.
Should be easy

Posted by Larry
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Great idea. Metro del Mare. Here's a link to a route map. You might want to check the schedule. At this time, I only see one ferry departing at 8:30 from Beverello that goes to Amalfi. 2hrs. They have more ferries during the summer but I don't think they have posted the summer schedule yet. There may be hydrofoils as well. Alilauro has more frequent ferries from Naples to Sorrento right now but not farther on to Amalfi.