transportation from Munich to Paris

My wife and I and our 4 children need to get from Munich to Paris. My family wants to take the train but part of me thinks it would be faster and easier to fly. this is on july 24th. what would you suggest? Thanks,

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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Griff, The train would be my choice, although it might not be the cheapest option for two adults and four children. Travel time will be as short as 6H:03M, with one change (Stuttgart?). When all is considered, I doubt that air travel will be much / any faster once travel to and from airports, check-in, security, waiting times, etc. are all added up. In contrast, going by rail will be a relaxing and pleasant trip, and will allow everyone to have a look at the scenery and towns of Europe along the route. You'll be able to have a nap, visit the dining car, read a book or visit with other travellers. Part of the trip will be via TGV, which travels at up to 300 kmH, so that will undoubtedly be a novel experience. Happy travels!

Posted by Tim
Minneapolis, MN, USA
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According to the search engine, the cheapest tickets are on Air Berlin and require a connection in Berlin. That makes taking daytime trains nearly as fast as flying. If your family can sleep on trains, you could book all six bunks in a six-person couchette on the direct CNL night train. I checked the German Rail site and found that discount fares are still available for 24 July. However, the maximum number of tickets you can book online is five. You'll need to call the German Rail service center and book over the phone. Five is the maximum number for booking daytime trains online, too.