Transportation from Las Ramblas to Barcelona airport

I have a super early flight from Barcelona leaving at 06:50. Does anyone know the best way to get from Hotel Gaudi, close to Las Ramblas, to BCN with enough time to get checked in and to the gate? I have looked at taxis, and the comments are really frightening. The train leaves at 05:30, as well as Aeorbus, but those options won't get me there with enough time to get through security and to the gate. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,

Posted by pat
victoria, Canada
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Shannon, we took a taxi twice in Spain, once from airport to Barcelona near Ramblas and once from hotel to bus station. both times no problem. I hardly think every taxi driver is crooked in Barcelona.. I think the best idea is to get the hotel to call a reputable company.
I am also sending you a private message.

Posted by Sue
Sebring, Fl
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When we were in Barcelona, we had our hotel, the "1898" on Las Ramblas, arrange for a driver/taxi to take us to the train station in the late afternoon on our departure day. As luck would have it, at the time we were to be picked up, there was a huge anti-government demonstration taking place and all transportation came to a complete stop. The hotel was of no help! We ended up walking with our rolling bags (thank goodness) down to the main square at the end of Las Ramblas where the major stores are located. After numerous attempts to flag down a taxi (being totally ignored), one finally stopped when I stepped in front of his car! Of course, he told us he was off duty, but was willing to take us once we flashed $50 in his face. I am certain we would not have had any problems with transportation on that day had there not been a big demonstration taking place.

Posted by Ed
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You're stuck with the taxi, obviously. Have the hotel set it up for you. What was so bad about the comments, anyway?

Posted by Shannon
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Many of the replies dealt with dishonest drivers and exorbitant fares. The site I visited literally had zero positive responses regarding taking a cab.

Posted by Ed
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The people that complain are the ones with a problem. Satisfied folks dont mention good experiences. Having the hotel do it and advising you of the cost will take care of it.

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Arrived 2 hours late and well after dark by train from France. Took one of the taxis in line at the train station to our hotel. Reversed the process with the help of our hotel when we were ready to go on to Madrid. Reasonable fares and no problems either direction. Thought you might like to hear a positive story. Our hotel was right on Las Ramblas.

Posted by Shannon
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This is very helpful information, Lo. Thanks for the post.

Posted by Nicole
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I took two cabs in Barcelona - one from the hotel to Park Guell and one from the hotel to the train station. No problems.

Posted by Roberto
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I've taken lots of cabs in Barcelona (I had relatives there). From/to the airport, from/to Sants or Estacion de Franca, up and down Montjuic, up and down Tibidabo, Pedralbes etc. you name it. Never had a problem. The only places where I had problems with crooked cab drivers in my life has been Washington DC and once even at the Oakland airport.

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I had took a taxi twice also from airport to our hotel on Las Ramblas and vice versa. Both times no incident, my driver was very friendly also, show us a couple of the landmarks on the ways too... My experience is quite positive.

Posted by Diane
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The simplest and best course of action is to have your hotel arrange the taxi for you. That's what I usually do when I need a transfer by taxi. Hotels tend to have one company that they deal with and on whom they can count.