transportation from CDG airport to hotel on Rue Cler

I will be arriving at the CDG airport on Tuesday, January 15th. I have been told a couple ways to get to my hotel on the Rue Cler (Grand Hotel Leveque). One person told me that I could go directly to a metro stop around the corner from the hotel by RER train (map of Paris does not seem to support that advice). Another told me to take an Air France shuttle which would get me to my hotel. PLease advise me on what is the best and correct way. I will have the Paris City Pass which includes the travel options. Thank you so very much in advance for any assistance.

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There are four routes for the Air France shuttle bus. None of them will get you to your hotel, but line 2 would be your best choice. It goes to Etoile which is by the Arc de Triomphe. You would need to take a taxi from there to your hotel. The fare for the bus is €17.00 (€15.50 if bought online). A cheaper bus option (€10.00) would be to take the RoissyBus non-stop from CDG to Opera and a taxi from there to your hotel. If you are packing light, take the RER B from CDG to Gare du Nord. Transfer to Metro line 4 and take it to Strasbourg - Saint-Denis. Transfer to Metro line 8 and take it to Ecole Militaire. The fare for a single ticket from CDG to anywhere in central Paris is €9.25. You say you will have a Paris City Pass, but I think you mean the Paris Pass. If so, you need to know that it is not a good deal because the Paris Visite transportation pass that comes with it is overpriced. You can do much better buying only a Paris Museum Pass and covering your transportation by other means. What transportation pass (if any) to buy depends upon your answers to the following questions. How many days will you be in Paris? What day of the week will you arrive and what day of the week will you leave? Will you be leaving from CDG? Do you plan to visit Versailles?

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Sheila, Tim provided an excellent summary of the best options. You may also find it helpful to have a look at the excellent Paris by Train website. It provides a great description of the RER / Metro travel method, complete with pictures. One point to mention, should you decide not to use the Pass and need to buy tickets at CDG - the automated Kiosks accept ONLY "chip & PIN" credit cards or Euro coins (AFAIK). If you decide to use the RER / Metro - Grand Hotel Leveque is only a short walk from the Ecole Militaire Metro station. When you exit from the Metro stop, you'll likely be on Avenue de la Motte-Picquet. It's about half a block from there to Rue Cler. The Hotel is about 2-3 blocks down on the right. The doorway has a stylized "GHL" above the door. There are two ATM's right across the street. You can "walk" the route using Google Street View, which also allows you to walk inside Grand Hotel Leveque to have a look at the layout. Happy travels!

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Hello. My husband and I have found it convenient to take a taxi from either the train station or CDG. We have stayed twice at the Hotel Le Littre (6 arron.) They have arranged a driver to pick us up and return us to the airport. We had a set, pre-arranged fee to do so. There were no surpises, no matter how much traffic we hit. We paid the driver directly. We had five pieces of luggage, so it was worth having our own driver. The driver met us at the train station or at the airport, after we collected our luggage. It was great.

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