Transportation for San Sebastian to Strasbourg

Can anyone help me figure out the quickest way to get from San Sebastian, Spain, to Strasbourg, France?

Posted by Harold
New York, NY, USA
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I don't think there is a "quick" way; it's sort of like asking for the quick way from Telluride, CO to Sedona, AZ. I just looked at flights on Skyscanner for the random date of May 15. OUCH! There's a one stop itinerary, changing in Madrid, for over $1800; if you're willing to make 2 stops, you can do it for the low low low price of $1000! Looking at Bahn for rail schedules, I see trains taking 11:09 and involving 2 connections, at Hendaye and Bordeaux. That is, by far, the shortest route shown (others take as long as 19 hours). And from Hendaye to Bordeaux and from Bordeaux to Strasbourg, you're on TGV's, so these will be comfortable, and can be inexpensive if you book far enough in advance to get PREMs fares. You get these on by selecting Great Britain as your country and France as your ticket collection country. Do not allow yourself to be redirected to Rail Europe.

Posted by Fred
San Francisco
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Janine, If you choose the train, it's going to be a long haul. If you want to do the entire ride in one day, that means going up to Paris before going east to Strasbourg which can be done under 12 hrs. I would take a different route without going up to Paris from Bordeaux but would break up the ride into two days. My suggestion is: San Sebastien to Montpellier which includes changing twice. Stay the night in Montpellier, then take the TGV the next day direct to Strasbourg. Which ever route you choose, it's going to depend on how pressed for time you are.

Posted by Andrés
Montevideo, Uruguay
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Hey Janine! Trains are not so popular in San Sebastian's area, so you might want to consider the bus alternative. Check out There's a bus leaving San Sebastian at 00:30 and arriving at Estrasburgo at 17:15. You'll have to bear sleeping on the bus! I know I could, not sure about you. Happy travels!

Posted by Adam
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There is a night train from Vitoria to Paris, arriving about 9:30 AM. From there to Strasbourg is another 3 hours. Vitoria is about 2 hours from SS. A friend of mine did this in reverse a few years ago (starting in Burgundy, not Alsace) and was satisfied with the experience.