We are flying from Denver to Prague... fairly straight forward. But how do we get home? Flights from Ljubljana to Prague all seem to go through other cities rather than being direct. Is there any way to fly direct from Ljubljana to Prague? We do not want the flights to cost more than the tour!

Posted by Frank
Tresana, Highlands Ranch, CO, USA
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I am sorry but if that is what the airline schedule is. No way to make them fly directly to Prague if they do not. But why go back to Prague? Fly home from Ljubljana. Have you looked at open jaw options?

Posted by JOHN
DENVER, Colorado, United States
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That's what I need to do.... Thanks!

Posted by Harold
New York, NY, USA
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To clarify Frank's post, when looking for flights, use the multi city option of Kayak, Orbitz, etc. For your first flight, put in Denver to Prague, and for your second flight, put in Ljubljana to Denver. (This is what is meant by open jaws - into one city and out of another). Then see what comes up. Advantages of this approach:
1. It is much cheaper than two one way tickets. If that's what you've been looking at, no wonder you think it's going to be expensive. 2. Since you are all on one ticket, if there is a problem with the connection, the airline is responsible for putting you on the next available flight. If you were to book DEN-PRG roundtrip and a separate flight from LJU to PRG, and then miss your connection, YOU are responsible for fixing it. This means a last minute ticket from PRG to DEN, which will cost thousands of dollars. 3. I doubt there are any nonstops from Denver to Prague, so you have to change somewhere anyway. With open jaws, you should not have to make as many changes (with your proposed plan, you'd end up with LJU to somewhere to PRG to LHR to DEN...). 4. This ticket may or may not be cheaper than a RT from DEN to PRG, but you will save money not having to book a separate flight from LJU to PRG.

Posted by David
Florence, AL, USA
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When flying direct to Europe from Denver, the gateways are Heathrow on British Airways or through Iceland switching airlines. British Airways would be the way to go. Sometimes you've got to suck it up and pay the price.

Posted by JOHN
DENVER, Colorado, United States
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Thanks all. Found a reasonable RT on Lufthansa.