Transport from Tirano to Varenna

What are the options for traveling from Tirano to Varenna Sept. 29, 2013 BUs? Train? Which is easier? More comfortable? How does one get tickets to either of these? Can tickets be purchased in advance? I will be arriving in Tirano on the Bernina Express.

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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Melissa, The easiest and quickest method by far on that route will be to take the train from Tirano, as that's on the route to Milano. Note that your destination station will be listed as Varenna-Esino. That trip is usually a direct (no changes) 1H:26M via Regionale trains, with departures about every two hours. Current fares are listed at €7 PP (DON'T forget to validate your ticket prior to boarding the train or you'll risk hefty fines!). It's not usually possible to purchase Regionale tickets in advance, so the easiest method would be to simply buy them at the station in Tirano when you arrive, either from a staffed ticket office or a Kiosk. What time does your train arrive in Tirano? Keep track of your travel time, and be ready to disembark promptly in Varenna as the train only stops for about a minute. You should be able to walk to your hotel, as it's mostly "downhill". There's a small pathway from the station that leads down to the main road. Have you booked a hotel yet? Happy travels!