Transit time from AA flight to easyJet flight at CDG

My family will arrive CDG by AA on Fri 6/14 at 9:40AM. We're planning to fly to VCE by easyJet. There are two easyJet flights to VCE that day: one at 11:10AM and one at 5:00+PM. Would 1h30m be too rush for us to book the 11:10AM flight, assuming we arrive on time? The 5:00PM flight in the afternoon is a bit late and too short for us to do anything in Paris. Thanks.

Posted by Harold
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If you haven't already bought your tickets, this is a bad plan. Instead, buy Dallas to Venice all on one ticket. This way, if your flight into Europe is delayed, the airline is responsible for putting you on the next flight. The way you're doing it, YOU are responsible if you miss the EasyJet flight - for any reason. Even if you have to pay a fee to change your ticket, consider it - the peace of mind is worth money, too. If you have already booked flights into CDG and it's too late or too expensive to change them, then the questions are "how lucky do you feel?" and "how risk averse are you?" Since you have to go through passport control, retrieve any checked bags, then find your next flight (likely in a differnt terminal) and go through security, there's NO WAY I'd take the risk on the 11:10. But your feelings about your luck may be different. If you are booked on one ticket, you go through passport control, but do not retrieve your checked bags (they are checked through to VCE); this saves a lot of time, and allows much shorter safe connections.

Posted by pat
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Mau, I know its not great, but I personally would not risk taking the 11:10 flight. You are arriving internationally so you will be going thru passport and immigration and then pick up luggage, theres easily an hour there , could be more , might be 10 minutes less, regardless, you should be checking in for the Easyjet flight about an hour ahead, check for specific cut off time ( and yes, they can be real sticklers for that sort of thing) . Theres really no way out of it. Suggest you stop in Paris which is amazing , for a few days then go to Venice. Ah, are you trying to catch a cruise out of Venice?

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hi, a big agreement (+1) with Harold. Last oct i took a short trip to London via Amsterdam. When i got to my local airport 2 hr early as per TSA suggestions to check in and go through security, i was told at the gate that my flight would be 2 hours late. When i booked my flight, point to point by me, i padded the layover at Amsterdam with 2 hours and they said i would miss my connecting flight. So i had to rebook my Easyjet flight from Amsterdam to London and my puddle jumper flight cost went from 78 United States Dollars (USD) to 400 USD. I was not a happy camper! Yes, if you can book the flight as one ticket, it would be nice, if not, good luck! Happy trails.

Posted by Laura
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I think CDG is a terrible airport even for connections on a single ticket. On separate tickets, I'd take the 5pm flight.

Posted by Tim
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Absolutely do NOT book the 11:10 easyJet flight. It would be foolhardy to do so. Check the easyJet site. The 2nd flight on 14 June departs at 19:00 (7:00 p.m.), not 17:00 (5:00 p.m.). You would have time to go into Paris for a very short visit, but you would need to be back at CDG by 17:00.

Posted by Thomas
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I put 6/14 into a search. Several airlines came up. Is there some reason you are sticking with Easy Jet? One EJ flight that day at 7 pm came up for $94. There were several others for about $250. I was just curious and thought that might be useful info. By the way, my daughter lives in Plano. Nice place to live.

Posted by Mau
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Thank you for all those thoughtful replies. This is an amazing website and a wonderful community. Yes, unfortunately, we already bought the tickets last year (3 by mileage/points redemption, 2 in cash) so I can't change it now. Yes, we have a cruise departing Venus on 6/17 (embarking 6/16) so we planned to spend some train adventure into Switzerland before arriving to Venice (either taking the train from CDG to Zurich or Geneva, spend the night, then either take the train again the next day to Milan then Venice or fly to Venice). If we take all two days on train that'd be too much train time; the only sightseeing times are ... on train! But flights from either Geneva or Zurich to VCE are too expensive and takes even longer. So we're sort of stuck. Now we're considering skipping Switzerland to spend more time in Venice. (The kids are kind of disappointed) The thing is, we will have 3 days after the cruise in Paris before flying home so we don't really care much about staying there when first arriving. Another option is to spend the first night there then catch the first flight out the next day.

Posted by Southam
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According to the easyJet website, your flight will depart from Terminal 2D. This is a wing of a complex terminal. You can see a blow-up map at CdG's official site: Elsewhere on that site is a discussion of how to transfer between flights and terminals. Where American Airlines deposits you at Terminal 2 depends on your home departure; check your reservation, and also your easyJet terminal, as these gate assignments can be fluid. easyJet is changing its check-in policies. By June, when you travel, you must check in on-line before your reach the airport. This can be done well in advance. When planning your time, note that easyJet's policy is to close the door to the aircraft 30 minutes before scheduled departure. That means being at the gate, not at the luggage or approaching the security check, at least 30 minutes in advance. Miss the deadline and your ticket is cancelled with no refund or later departure. These requirements are spelled out loud and clear here: Paying extra for advance seat selection might be worthwhile if time is tight.
Also note easyJet's luggage policy. Cruisers are tempted to load up on bags; each checked item will require a stiff fee on this (and other) budget airlines. Pay the luggage fees in advance too.

Posted by Tim
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If you decide to spend the night in Paris, you could get an early (07:20) easyJet flight from Orly to VCE.