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transit time at madrid airport


I am in the process of booking tickets for my return flight from Lisbon, Portugal to Delhi, India
The best possible flight I found is operated by TAP and AirIndia with 1h30m layover at Madrid.
The TAP flight from Lisbon arrives at terminal 2 and the Airindia flight departs from terminal 1.

So, my question is basically is the 1h30m time comfortable?
I understand that I might have to go through a security check. Is there any other check like immigration etc needed?
As per the Madrid airport website, I do not need a transit visa (Indian national).

Kindly suggest.

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All Ire all about Madrid Barajas is that it is huge and takes a lot of time to navigate.

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No security check should be needed if you can stay airside, but you will go through emigration as you are leaving the Schengen area.

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Looks like T1 to T2 is only 5-10 mins by walk.
So, the only question is how long it takes for security and immigration?
I am guessing it should be pretty quick as I am just using it for transit and I will have a valid Schengen visa?
I am not sure about the queues etc as this will be the first time I will be visiting Madrid airport.

I have mostly used Dubai/Doha etc as transit airports and 1h30m is very comfortable time in those airports, even with change in terminals.

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Is this a single booking or two separate flight bookings?

If separate bookings, will you have checked luggage?

There will be some sort of exit processing/passport control for the flight from Madrid to India as you will be leaving the Schengen zone

If separate bookings, you are taking a risk way outside my comfort zone

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It seems to me that joe32 has posed the relevant question: whether this is one ticket or two separate bookings. I agree with his assessment as well.

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My understanding is it is a single booking and luggage will be checked in directly from Lisbon to New Delhi.
TAP and AIr India partner/code share with each other

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Often the airport website provides useful info. If you follow the link you already have been given you can see the usual procedure for your connection:

The site is careful to specify that terminal gates are subject to last-minute change. First thing to do once you have stepped off the plane is to confirm your next gate on an information board.

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Madrid airport has very good signage and transit facilities, but as Suki said, it is huge and take awhile to navigate.