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Transfer at Keflavik

Because my usual direct flight Munich - Newark with Lufthansa/United this time would have been absurdly expensive, I switched to Iceland Air via Keflavik for the first time - with only one hour transfer time (tomorrow, June 09).

From reading other posts on this forum, I understand that this short overlay is feasible, but I'm still wondering if there aren't a few “ stumbling blocks”:

  • How far is it from the gates of flights from the Schengen area to the departure gate to EWR?

  • Should I expect long waiting times at the passport control?

  • Is there any experience of how reliably checked-in baggage makes the transfer too?

Thank you for sharing your experience.

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Don’t worry. They do this ebery day. My last time the line was verrry looong and Imwas near the end but Imended up having plenty of time.

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The distance could be quite short, but at worst not really very far. Head to the back of the terminal for the immigration gates, then down stairs or escalator and the North America/UK area is not very big, busing to the plane is a possibility. They make sure everyone transfers.

Be aware that food is only for purchase, both flights, and terminal food is expensive.

Done this at least 5 times, bags always make it.

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I've never had a problem in either direction. Hope you have two great flights and a seamless transfer!

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KEF is small so distances are not far. Lines for passport control though can be anything. We have had se real instances where the lines were almost unimaginable. Flying to the US will leave out of the D gates so do not wait for gate announcement before heading there.

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Thank you all for your advice and encouragement. Everything went smoothly, although the terminal in Keflavik was almost bursting at the seams.