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trains, planes.... HELP!

here's the deal. my boyfriend and i are planning a trip in Nov. It's his first time over, and we're trying to see as much as possible, but on a budget. We have a free place to stay in london, so were are starting and ending there. We are thinking we would like to hit Paris, Brussels, and Amsterdam. Bur I'm so confused about what is the best/ cheapest route to take. Do we one-way the Eurostar London-Paris, then get a pass for the Benelux area, then fly back to London from Amsterdam? I'm not sure is the Select Pass Saver is most efficient. And I don't know if it complicates things to include the flight... The more i look at the train offers, the more confused i get. Anyone who has done this, who can help, (or even has words of wisdom on a better itinerary), i would be so appreciative. Thanks! sarah

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This is the way I'd do it if I was on a tight budget. Take the cheapest no-frills flight you can find from one of the London regional airports like Luton to Paris. Make sure it's to either Charles De Gaul or Orly. From Paris Take the train to Brussels and from Brussells take the train to Amsterdam. From Amsterdam fly back to one of the London regional airports on the lowest priced no-frills airline you can find. Book the flights as far in advance as you can to minimise costs and if you find you've exceeded your budget in Paris miss out Belgium and go straight to Amsterdam. Remember that once you book no-frills airline tickets they are either non-changeable or very expensive to exchange. Pack light so as to avoid excess baggage costs.