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Trains in Italy seating arrangements?

I would like to know what the seating arrangements are on the trains. I purchased 2 tickets and would like to sit together but the numbers are not in sequence. One is 43 and the other 45. Are this across from each other? Please help.

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I've done this so many times, I don't pay much attention to it anymore, but I think I recall that they are next to each other. Either that or (as you suggest) across from each other. Anyway you look at it, you're close to each other.

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That's a seat across from the other person. You'll be separated by a gap of about 3 feet, it's really more convenient to talking anyway. Sounds like two aisle seats (assuming it's not a compartment car). You can likely switch seats, I wouldn't be concerned.

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Every train system is different, but we have had tickets where the odd-number seats are on one side and the even-number seats are on the other side.