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Trains in Italy? Dress warmly!

Around 450 people got stuck in an unheated broken express train today. The train from Lecce was bound for Rome but in the greater Naples area it abruptly broke down. The passengers had to hang around for hours at temperatures below the freezing point. Eventually the train reached its destinantion after a total journey time of 13 hours... Young children and elderly passengers were brought to hospitals for checks...

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That sounds pretty miserable! Food for thought. You never know what kind of emergency situation you can find yourself in while traveling.

Hopefully the First Responders were quickly on the scene providing Emergency Medical treatment and distributing blankets and warm drinks. It doesn't take long for hypothermia to set in.

I'm sure many of the Passengers wished they'd been pro active and brought an extra sweater or jacket and an emergency snack or two!

I especially hope the Diabetics on board were prepared. Low blood sugar and low temperatures sound like a miserable combination! It never ceases to amaze me why a Diabetic would not carry their medications and snacks in case of an emergency. Or at least a packet of sugar to mix in a bottle of water or cake mate? That's probably the most common and preventable emergency...