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Trains in Italy

My wife and I are travelling to Italy. We have an Eurail 3 country pass where we also are travelling. I know the pass isn't the best deal in most cases, we still have it. I wanted to make sure of a couple things. 1. what trains we do and do not need to get reservations for. (regional, reg velocity, ic, etc.)? 2. why is only showing a select amount of routes compared to the Italian site? 3. Does the pass work for trains in the cinque terre region?

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1. In Italy ALL trains except the Regional require a seat reservation. All regional trains are get on and go. If a seat is not available you stand until one is available. The only time a rail pass really works well. Make sure your pass is validated for that day. 2. Not sure why bahn would not be showing all routes unless bahn doesn't show regional trains. Either way just rely on trenitalia. 3. The pass works for all trains operated by trenitalia. Most of the trains in CT are regional so should be no problem. You may find a private train here and there for which your pass is not acceptable. For example, Leonard Express between the airport and Termini unless you have a first class pass. The circum.... between Naples and Sorrento is private.