Trains in Europe

We are wondering how to count countries for Rail pass- eg going by rail from Denmark to Germany, is that one or two countries? We want to go to Switzerland and France too, so hoping to do 3 country pass-(flying in to Denmark) - and where best to get rail pass? Thanks!! M&D

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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Maggie, If you're travelling by rail in Denmark and Germany, that will be two countries. However one point to note is that if you're travelling THROUGH countries not covered by the Railpass, you MUST buy separate P-P tickets for that segment. Another point is that Railpasses DO NOT include reservation fees which are compulsory on some trains. You'll have to pay separately "out of pocket" for those. In some cases (ie: TGV in France) reservations for Pass holders are limited, so once those are sold out you'll either have to pay for a P-P ticket or wait for a train that has reservations available. Given your home location, "where best to get rail pass" is VERY EASY! Take a short drive up to ETBD in Edmonds and speak with Rick's rail experts. They'll be able to both advise on which Railpass is most suitable for your situation as well as provide the Pass. As I recall, they're the largest vendor of Railpasses in the U.S. Happy travels!

Posted by Maggie
Seattle, WA, King
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Thanks Vernon! We're coming from Dublin- so we'll see how it all goes! We appreciate your time to respond! Best, M&D

Posted by Tim
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Rail passes for Switzerland can be a good deal, especially if you're going to be riding high mountain lifts. However, if you can commit well in advance to specific departure dates and times and get discount fares, the odds are that buying point-to-point tickets for your rides in other countries will be cheaper than a pass. Do you have a definite itinerary yet? If so, post it and Helpline participants will do some cost analysis for you.

Posted by Harold
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Before you decide that a pass is the best idea, read this, from The Man In Seat 61: And let me quote frequent Helpline poster Larry: "The siren song of passes is so sweet - until you see the rocks." A pass or half-fare card for Switzerland is often a good deal, but the kind of multi-country pass you are asking about is, these days, often not a good deal. As Tim said, if you post your itinerary, and whether your dates are fixed or not, we can help you figure out the best options.