trains from FRA to Baden Baden

Hello! Heading to Germany in a few days and needed a quick on trains. We will arrive in FRA 3-10-2013 @ 15:20 and need to catch a train to Baden Baden. I will flying Luftansa. The fares seem expensive to get there and it also seems confusing...would if be better to rent a car, even though we don't need one once we get to Baden Baden? I'm assuming from reading previous comments that I can purchase tickets and catch the train from the FRA airport? And that it will deliver me to the Baden-Baden airport? Please help, I don;t really want to rent a car if I don't need to, but the price is about the same! Thanks for your help! Jeri Rose

Posted by Tim
Minneapolis, MN, USA
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You can take the train from FRA to Baden-Baden (the city, not the airport). Depending upon your departure time, you will need to make either one or two connections. Leave FRA at 15:53, 16:53, or 17:53. Unless your plane arrives early, the odds are against your being able to catch the 15:53 train. Buy your tickets at FRA. The 2nd class fare is €45.00. See the detailed timetables on the German Rail site.

Posted by Ken
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jeri, As Tim mentioned, you likely won't be able to make the 15:53 train, so the 16:53 departure is your best bet. I agree that buying your tickets at FRA would probably be the best idea, just in case your flight is late (or whatever). Note that there are two rail stations at FRA, a Fernbahnhof and a Regionalbahnhof. The trains mentioned previously leave from the Ferhbahnhof. You'll have to go from the airport across a "skywalk" that goes over the road and then down to the platforms. The ticket office is near the platforms, and as I recall they had both staffed desks as well as ticket Kiosks. The rail station is Baden Baden is a short ways outside of the actual city. Traffic is restricted in city limits, so a rental car would be questionable. After a long international flight and then a 1H:36M train ride, I'd suggest taking a Taxi from the station to your hotel (which hotels are you staying in?). Taxi's are able to get past the gates / bollards and enter the town to drop passengers. Happy travels!

Posted by jeri
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thanks for the reply...we are staying at the am markt hotel. do you know how much a taxi cost? and will taxis be available on sunday night at the train station neat baden baden?

Posted by jeri
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Hi it's me again...Jeri...which station in Baden Baden do I stop at? there are several listed on the train systems and I don't know if it's Baden Baden haueneberstein or Baden-Baden main? thanks again!

Posted by Lee
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You probably want the main station (Hauptbahnhof) in Baden-Baden. There are buses going from the Hbf into the main part of town (Baths, etc).

Posted by Nigel
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Your question reads And that it will deliver me to the Baden-Baden airport? Are you trying to get to the little airport? Or do you really need just the middle of town for your hotel?