Trains/ commute in Vienna/Rome

I am planning to visit Vienna in second week of September.
From Vienna I am planning to visit Salzburg and Budapest on day trips. 1) My question is whether I should purchase Austria/ Hungary regional pass, or should I book individual tickets? After a week in vienna, I am planning flying to Rome..- where I am travelling to Florence / Pisa.. In Rick steves book it says it is not advisable to buy passes for trains inside Italy.. 2) Or I guess the final question is there a three country pass with Austria/hungary and Italy and is it worth buying?? And in Rome I am planning to stay in the Piazza Novona area assuming I fly into rome..what are the best commute options I have..i thought of staying near the termini station, but its a little bit far away from the tourist spots.. If I take a train from the FCO airport to the termini, how do I get to the hotel in the piazza novona area??? i looked at walking said around a 1.5 miles.. Thanks Vj

Posted by Larry
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VJ, normally, its not really worth it to buy a Eurail pass for Italy. First, they charge a 10Euro supplemental fee for each Frecci fast train that you will be on. You don't have seat reservations until you pay the fee. You may not even need the pass in Hungary if you are willing to do a bit of homework and buy online in advance. Great discount fares on the nicer trains if you can buy 60-90 days out and are willing to buy tickets with restrictions. For traveling to the hotel from Rome-termini, take a taxi. My wife and daughter will be in Rome shortly and they will be staying near the Spanish Steps which is about the same distance away from Termini. They will be taking a taxi.