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Train: Zurich to Munich via Austria

I see two routes from Zürich to Munich. One is 4.25 hours via Austria, the other is 5.25 hours via Stuttgart. If we choose the Austria route on a Eurail Select Pass, we don't need to have Austria on our list of selections, as long as we don't get off the train in Austria, right? Just need a clarification.

Oh, I just noticed the Train Section...I'll ask there.

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You would need Austria on your pass (or buy a ticket for that leg) whether you get off or not.

My favorite route is from Zurich to Romanshorn on Lake Constance, ferry across the lake to Friedrichshafen, then through Ulm and Augsburg to Munich. It took 4:55, and the schedules are all co-ordinated. It's worth it just for the lovely boat ride, and they have snacks on board. Just have your passport ready when you get off the boat, and follow the crowd to the train station. Have fun!