Train vs car travel in France

I will be travelling with my husband and two adult children to France the end of March- early April. We would like to go from Paris to Amiens to see some WW1 sites and then to Bayeux for a D-Day tour. We have two days to travel from Paris to Bayeux that are somewhat unscheduled and we would like to see a WW1 trench and memorial, Harfleur with Henry V sites(?)and possibly Rouen. Is this a possible trip and can it be done by train or should we rent a car?

Posted by David
Florence, AL, USA
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I'm partial to traveling by car if you're not going really long distances. If you were going long distance, like down to the French Riviera, I'd say go by train.

Posted by Terry kathryn
Ann Arbor, Mi
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Really either will probably work, but you will be on the train schedule vs. your own schedule. It's an easy drive with a car from CDG, however there are quite a few tolls. I still think it might be cheaper to have a car vs. 4 on a train, plus you have all the flexibility you might want. I did not do a tour as I prefer to travel on my own, so driving around and seeing the sites as I pleased worked for me. It looks like you want to see a number of locations in a short amount of time so the numerous train trips will eat up a lot of your time. I stayed in Bayeux a few times and loved it.