Train Verona to Venice

I am trying to figure out how late the trains run back to Venice from Verona. We want to see an opera that doesn't start until 9 pm on a Sunday in July. But we want to go back to Venice that night as we would have just arrived there the day before. I can't find a timetable that shows the late night options.

Posted by Lee
Lakewood, Colorado
13313 posts Right now it looks like the last train from Verona to Venice leaves at 10:29 PM. The current schedule might only go to mid-June, but it will not change much for July. Use a date in June before the second weekend of the month (to when they update the schedule).

Posted by Laura
Virginia, USA
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I suspect that there is no late night train option back to Venice. I know that a couple of years ago when I was visited Verona, this was the case and this seemed to be a recurring question on the Tripadvisor Verona forum. You might check there for more recent information. Unless things have changed, the options were to leave the opera early or arrange some type of tour package that include transport or rent a car or plan to stay overnight in Verona.