Train travel in switzerland

I will be traveling to Basel Switzerland on December 1, 2012 at 1215 PM. I want to travel by train to Davos Platz on Dec. 1 and return to Basel on Dec. 6. I need to know how to make train reservations to accomplish this. I have tried to search online with little sucess.

Posted by Tim
Minneapolis, MN, USA
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Apparently you didn't check the Swiss Rail site. You'll find complete timetables and fares there. You can leave Basel SBB at 12:33, connect in Landquart, and arrive in Davos Platz at 15:55. Or leave Basel SBB at 13:33, connect in Zuerich and Landquart, and arrive in Davos Platz at 16:55.

Posted by Jim
Bern, Switzerland
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Hi George, While it is possible to reserve the train between Basel and Landquart, I don't think it is really needed. I have done that trip several times and have never made a reservation. Jim.

Posted by JB
Redding, CA, USA
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Beautiful area for the conference.