Train travel from Venezia toFirenze

Any one have information on booking a train from Venezia Santa Lucia to Firenze S.M.Movella? Someone mentioned using the website
Any information would be helpful. Thank you.

Posted by George
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I just did that for our September/October trip on It goes smoothly if you register on the site and then proceed to practice buying tickets, checking the choices of times and days, and then deciding what works best for you. The bargain tickets go quickly at 120 days prior to travel and if you are within 120 days you might not get the economy tickets. We booked around 120 days out and got 1st class tickets for not much more than 2nd class. You can also choose your seats. They send an email with a voucher that we must swipe as we board or else the conductor comes by and reads the bar code, can't remember which. For any European train or ferry bookings, go to for detailed instructions. We've used that site learning to book trains and ferries all across Europe and the UK. Most of the Italian train seats are quads around a table but you can select two together if you study the seat schematic of the rail cars.

Posted by Eileen
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Trenitalia is the Italian train company. I know your trip is in Sept., so if you buy them about 120 days out from your travel date the price can be 19€ (so get on it!); if you wait to buy them there the price will likely be either 29€ or 45€. (If I try to buy a ticket for 2 days from now, the fare is the full fare of 45€, 2nd class.) There is a train basically every hour. And you've got it - for Florence, use 'Firenze S.M. Novella' when using Trenitalia. It wants Italian cities in Italian Is there something else we can help you with when it comes to actually buying the tickets?