Train travel from Amsterdam through Germany,Switzerland into Italy

My wife and I will be traveling to Europe for our first time in Oct.Flying into Amsterdam for 3 nights and then spending the next 5 days traveling by train through western Germany(Rhein River) and Switzerland(Alps) and arriving in Florence, Italy.We plan on spending 5 nights in Florence as a hub.Next traveling to the Amalfi coast area for another 5 nights. I would appreciate any thoughts on this itinerary, especially in regards to train travel. We plan on doing most of our travel by train. Would a pass be best? What type of pass? We would be doing day trips while in Florence and the Amalfi coast. Suggestions on train travel in Italy? Thank you

Posted by David
Florence, AL, USA
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Have you considered visiting Amsterdam, and then taking down to Rome? I'd hate to see you traveling Italy and not taking time to visit Rome. A cheap flight might loosen up your itinerary/schedule to see much more in Italy. Most people traveling thru Italy use point to point tickets. The fast trains from big city to big city also require reservations. Naples/Pompeii and the Amalfi Coast is easily reached 150-180 miles south of Rome by fast trains. Day trips outside of Florence (through Chianti and Tuscany) are best done by rental car.

Posted by Tom
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Thanks David. A flight from Amsterdam is a secondary consideration. I appreciate your input. Take care.