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Train travel booking

I am having a very hard time booking Venice to Pisa bc all the trains have 10 min connections in Florence. That is just too tight right? How long should i allow for to find my connecting flights? THANKS

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Just book two separate tickets.

It's only an hour from Florence to Pisa, and there are trains every half hour all day long.
They are all Regionale trains, so no real need to book that leg in advance either.
That way you'll have time to get a snack, go to the bathroom and get your next train without rushing or getting lost looking for the right platform.
That's what I would do.

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For a train, a 10, 15 min connect is not that uncommon. Sometimes you just stand there. The first train leaves and second trains pulls in right behind it. For a big station like Termini in Rome you would need more time -- at least 30 minutes. Be ready to get off when the stops and look for the board with your next train number and platform. Doubt if you would have to move more than one or two platforms. Florence is not that big.

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You can make two separate purchases... if a transfer time was too tight they wouldn't display it...

...but the most crucial thing to remember:

if you miss the Regionale train from Florence to Pisa (or any Regionale train), you can freely get on the next Regionale, without having to ask for a new ticket/seat reservation at the counter.

That's why you will rarely see locals running inside train stations.

Just out of curiosity, are you getting your tickets on If I'm not wrong, the minimum transfer time at Florence SMN station should be 14 minutes, not ten.

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When are you going?

After reading Dario’s post, I checked Trenitalia for April schedules. Every 1-change train combo I saw from Venezia S. L. to Pisa has 14-21 minutes to change trains at Firenze.

Are you using a different site for booking?

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I am using Omio and i am good now, thanks for all your help, just thick headed :)

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That's the problem with resellers, they cost more and sell not-protected connections. Without warning their customers.

Luckily the Firenze-Pisa route is served only by Trenitalia's Regionale trains, but if you were taking a train with reserved seats you'd run the risk of loosing all your money.