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I would like to travel from Cahors to Lyon. The sncf website shows about a 7hr journey via Toulouse. Is there a better way??

Posted by Bob
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Hi Ian. As another info source, you could try Enjoy your trip!

Posted by Larry
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Ian, the fastest run I see is a 6:07am departure from Cahors that takes 5hr53min to get to Lyon. 90min by regional train to Toulouse and a 4.0hr TGV run from Toulouse to Lyon. Some runs on the French train website take over 8 hours as they route you via Paris. Here's a link to a picture of what I see. For this ticket, you can buy online but you will have to pick up the ticket at any staffed train station in France. You can print out most TGV tickets at home but not when its combined with a regional train. I say a "staffed" train station as the ticket machines only take chip and pin cards. If you have a Canadian-issued chip and pin card, this may work.