Train Travel and Rail Passes

I have a Rail Europe Beneluxe-France pass for travel from Amsterdam to Bruges to Paris and finally Dinan (FR) from May 2 - May 10. Most of the trains that I need to take require reservations but there aren't any available online (through Rail Europe). How likely is it that I will be able to get seats directly from the train station when I get there say a day in advance? Should I take the chance with the pass or just buy tickets? Thanks!

Posted by Maxine
Louisville, CO, USA
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Have you tried booking directly on the country rail websites. I am spending 5 weeks in Europe and after looking at Eurail prices and thne raileurope ended up booking individual tickets through each rail company - all online etickets. Much less expensive and more expansive schedules.

Posted by Tim
Minneapolis, MN, USA
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I went to the Rail Europe site and found that it would be possible to buy seat reservations for the legs of your routes that require them. What are your travel dates? FYI, you would have saved moeny by not buying a pass. The passholder fare on Thalys trains (Amsterdam-Brussels and Brussels-Paris) is more than the cost of discount fare point-to-point tickets.

Posted by Neil
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Too late to warn against a pass. The presentation of schedules from any agency should not be your first call and should certainly not be trusted as complete. Go directly to the rail company or the only other trusty website, I am aware of, providing schedules for all European train travel -