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I am landing in Munich and the going to Fussen layer that day. If I buy a Bayern Ticket will this cover my transportation from the airport to Munich and then on to Fussen. Also a few days later we will be traveling from Fussen to Munich and on to Dachau, for the afternoon. Later that day we will be heading to Rothenburg for 3 days. Will the Bayern ticket cover all these stops? Coming in from Rothenburg to Munich and on to the airport later on that day. Will the Bayern ticket cover all of the stops. How do I book these tickets? Thanks Carol

Posted by Lee
Lakewood, Colorado
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The Bayern-Ticket should cover all legs of the trips, provided you don't find a way to get on an express train (IC/EC/ICE) or travel before 9AM on a workday. Most, if not all, of your travel is on regional trains. Advance booking is not possible. Just buy your Bayern-Ticket the morning of travel.