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I need to get from Varenna-Esino to Venice italia rail shows a train from Milano central @ noon I can't find the schedules from Varenna to Milan - hope someone can help. Is there a separate schedule ??
Or is there a better route than through Milan ?? DP

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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Diana, You should be able to see the entire schedule from Varenna to Venice by using the website (Swiss Rail). The trip from Varenna-Esino to Milano Centrale will be via Regionale (DON'T forget to validate!). The shortest travel time is 4H:03M, but that will depend on which train you use. Cheers!

Posted by Larry
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Diana, you may be looking at the wrong train website or, you may be looking out beyond June 8 on which is currently the last day that you can see full train schedules. They refresh the schedules on June 9. Between now and June 9, Trenitalia will be u-p-loading their u-p-dated schedules. There are numersous trains a day from Varenna-Esino to Milano Centrale and even more from Milano Centrale to Venezia Santa Lucia. The train from Varenna is a Regionale train that takes about 1hr15min to get to Milan. The second train is a very high-speed Frecci train that takes 2.5hrs. Overall, you are looking at 4.0-5.0hrs depending on the run. There will be plenty of trains and, they won't be full. Here's a link to part of a sample schedule. Just put in a day that is 2-3 days from now as well as an early departure time and you'll see all of the schedules and fares as I just did.

Posted by Diana
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thanks for all the tips
was that Ken from RS sicily (2012 Sept) trip ?? Hi Ken.