Train travel

I'm traveling from Rome to Florence to Venice to Zurich to Paris all in 14 days. What is the best train pass to purchase?

Posted by Sam
Green Bay
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No Pass. Point to point. You can purchase advance nonrefundable tickets for this entire itinerary for the equivalent of $175. Or even lower. No kind of pass even comes close.

Posted by Chase
Washington, DC, USA
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I have a similar question. I'm spending time in Zurich, the Alps, Geneva, Paris, Nice, Venice, and Munich, and have purchased flights for a few of the legs b/c of the low price. However, I'm looking for train tickets b/t Zurich and the Alps (perhaps Lucern or Geneve). Do you recommend purchasing these tickets in advance or waiting until the train station? Also, what website would you recommend if purchasing in advance? Rail Europe seems like it is marked up and a little high. Any help would be much appreciated.

Posted by Eileen
Texan in CA
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Sam's right; I came up with $167 on the dates I picked. Assuming you know when you want to travel (because these are non-refundable, time- & train-specific advance-purchase tickets), you can save a ton of money. With your railpass, you will still need to buy reservations for most of your trains...the ease of hop-on, hop-off railpass travel isn't so easy anymore. EDIT: What are your exact travel dates? You can buy Roma Termini-Firenze SMN, Firenze SMN-Venezia Santa Lucia, and Venezia SL-Milano Centrale on (click on the English flag), Milano Centrale-Zuerich and Zuerich-Paris on Chase, I think Lola already answered you on your thread; if not, please start another thread or ask on your current thread so that things don't start getting confusing and scattered!