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We will be arriving by river cruise in Basel Switzerland early AM April 15th 2013 and will be taking a train to Como Italy that day.I know there are a few of these every day from Basel to Como.My questions are, since I`ll be on the boat beforehand,can I buy a ticket on line beforehand (on the boat,if I can print one out, in Amsterdam, before I leave April 6th, or in the US before I leave?) If so, what would the website be, so I can buy it and see the schedule of departing trains? Many thx

Posted by Lola
Seattle, WA
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Try the Swiss rail site, look about 2 months in advance and you may find discount tickets on the route Basel,to Zurich to Como. You may not be able to print the actual ticket, but if not you will get a confirmation code to pick it up at the Basel train station.

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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Jack, Could you clarify whether you're going to the town of Como, or to another town on Lago di Como? As Lola mentioned, you may be able to buy a ticket on the Swiss Rail website, but it may only be possible to buy a ticket for travel as far as Milano. From there you'd have to buy a ticket either at the staffed ticket office at Milano Centrale or from one of the automated Kiosks. Cheers!

Posted by jack
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Lola: Many thx Vernon:I`m going to Lake Como(exact location unknown at this time) but I figure Como is closer to it than Milan.

Posted by Lee
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I think a lot of trains from Z├╝rich to Milan via Lugano stop at Como St. Giovanni station, which is on the outskirts of the town of Como. However, Como might not be a real desirable town for a stop, only a starting point for boats that carry passengers up the lake from there.

Posted by Zoe
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The San Giovanni station is the one used by most trains coming from Switzerland (I've taken this route several times). It's pretty easy to get to the ferry from the station if you're not staying in Como (although I have, several times, and liked it a lot).