train to rental car in florence

I will be arriving by train into Florence Italy and need to pick up a car to do some touring outside florence. Where is the easiest place to rent a car closest to the train station?

Posted by Kent
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This question is a FAQ here (you wouldn't believe how frequently). Not your fault, a perfectly good question! :)

I'm going to be as brief as possible, after a hundred posts on this I don't want to bore everyone else.

first, go to this map to see what you want to avoid

the 5 colored zones are the ZTL's (zones of limited traffic). the black thing upper left is the train station

If it looks easy to avoid the ZTL's, you probably want to browse some of these posts

browse some of these posts to see what's happened to other travelers

Some travelers pick up car at the Florence airport. They take a taxi from the Florence train station to the airport. The airport isn't that far out of town. The taxi fare is cheaper than $150 per ZTL violation.

Posted by Doug
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If you pick up a rental car in Florence, most likely you'll pick up on the Borgo Ognissanti not far from the train station. On Kent's map, it is the long street near the Arno that is not in a ZTL. Study your maps and drive straight along that street until you're out of the center city. When you see signs for towns outside of Florence (Siena, Prato) you're on your way.

Posted by Julie
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Steve - We rented from Sixt a few years ago and the office was only a few blocks away from the train station and outside the city center. It was really easy to get out of town and into Siena from their office.