Train to Bilbao Spain

I'm trying to book a 7:35 am train from Barcelona to Bilbao on a Sunday, September 15th so we can go to the Guggenheim Museum on Sunday. On Sundays up to September 8th, there is a 7:35 am train but after that date, the 7:35 am train no longer exists. Does anyone know if this Is just a Renfe scheduling issue or is RENFE actually eliminating this trip?

Posted by Frank
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I would guess that the fall schedules are not loaded. That is about the time for the change over. Are there other times listed for September 15th? If they are then you conclusion could be accurate. Try and s see what they show.

Posted by Eloise
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Thank you. I did look at the Bahn schedules and although they list other times, the 7:35 train is no longer listed. I guess we may need to rent a car.

Posted by Lo
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The DB Bahn website verifies what you found. That Barcelona Sants to Bilbao-Abando schedule appears on Sunday, 8 September, but not on Sunday, 15 September. There are 2 options for that 6.5 hour train with no changes on Saturday, 14 September. You could take the earlier one and go to the museum that day (or the next) or the later one and go on Sunday. Check it all out at the DB Bahn link above and be sure to click on Show map to see the route. By the way, I checked all the rest of the Sundays in September for the early train, and it's not there. I also went backwards toward now and it is there. Best guess? It's a seasonal thing and the "season" for that early Sunday train ends on 8 September.

Posted by Kevin
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According to my printed timetable, the 07.35 direct service from Barcelona Sants to Bilbao, an Alvia train number 434, runs Monday to Saturday all year round, and additionally on Sundays from 23 June to 8 September. It doesn't help you, but the Sunday service also runs on 3 November and 8 December.