train tickets for Spain- online purchase

The site for buying train tickets online keeps retuning me to home page AFTER I have entered all info...very frustrating! I know others have problem with this site. Please advise....
thx, Jan

Posted by Charles
Austin, Texas, USA
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This same thing happened to me last year. I went through the process about 20 times before finally the transaction when through. I can only guess their server has limited capability. Keep trying!!

Posted by Neil
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How have you progressed? It may help others in the future.

Posted by H J
LaGrange, Ga, USA
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Go to this site on Trip Advisor: Madrid Traveler Article: Madrid: Buying Renfe Tickets Online Their guideline is great. I purchased tickets Madrid to Barcelona in less than 20 minutes last week. CLUE: Register on their site..
where indicated on the first page I think. Also use a visa verified by ___ card. Makes it simple. Good Luck...