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I was reading where a traveler gave his round-trip ticket to the conductor on an overnight between Krakow to Praque. The conductor told the traveler that he'd get the ticket back the next morning. When the traveler asked the next morning the conductor said he did not have the ticket. My question is how can you prevent this happening if the conducter asks for your ticket? What rights does a traveler have in this situatiion? I've already received my tickets and noticed that they are all one way and have specific dates and times (I made reservations); so perhaps this is not applicable to me. However, your answer may help somebody else.

Posted by Larry
Elk Grove, CA, USA
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Ken, I have never heard of the conductor keeping the ticket overnight. However, it is common for the conductor to collect passports and keep them overnight while you sleep. During the night, your entry into your next country is processed while you sleep. They do return your passport the next morning. Decades ago, the hotels did this as well.

Posted by Frank
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Have never heard of the conductor taking the ticket. In today's world of electronic tickets, it makes even less sense. In the old days prior to the Schengen zone, the conductor would passports if you were crossing into another country and needed the entry stamp. Today, with no borders in most of Europe that is not necessary either. And not done. Where did you read that? When I print my own ticket (as is common these days), I make one or two back up copies just in case I misplace the ticket..

Posted by Fred
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Hi, I believe that passports are collected by the conductor when your night train is crossing international borders still nowadays and pre-Schengen and if you are in a couchette or sleeper. When I take night trains involving the crossing of international borders, say Germany and Austria, or Germany and France, my Passport was never collected by the conductor...luckily. They checked it along with your reservation and your ticket/Pass. I always had a seat in a six seat compartment or the armchair seat.

Posted by Mary
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Ken, my husband and I took night trains from Paris to Florence and the conductor kept our passports overnight. This made us very nervous especially since we had to chase him down in the morning. The conductor on the overnight from Krakow to Prague also kept our passport along with our tickets and passes. Again, we were very nervous but the items were returned promptly in the morning. I was glad to have copies of all my documents (passport and tickets) in my luggage.

Posted by Fred
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@ Mary...I would be nervous too if the Passport were out of my hands. When the conductor kept your passports overnight in the two rides above, did you stay in sleeper or couchette?