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Train ticket - get off at different station

I’m pretty sure I have seen this asked before, but don’t recall the answer.

We have had to change our itinerary several times due to flight changes, etc. I have purchased a train ticket from Pandova to Siena, but had to choose between staying in Siena or Florence and decided on Florence. Since the train stops in Florence before getting to Siena, can we get off the train there? Only other option would be to go to Siena and then buy a ticket to Florence.

Thank you.

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I don't think there are any thru trains from Padova (I assume that is what you mean) to Siena. Mostly it will be a high-speed Freccia train to Florence where you change to a regional train to Siena. Only regional trains call at Siena. Since you will be getting off the Freccia in Florence, just skip the connecting train to Siena. No one will be the wiser, or even care.

PS, the ticket cost from Florence to Siena is 9.50 EUR, so that is all you are sacrificing.

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Sam Is right, there are no direct trains from Padova to Siena.

Nobody will care/know if you get on the second train or not

If you purchased the Firenze-Siena ticket on the official app, you can ask for a refund and get a voucher for a future travel on the same app. I think you must do it before the day of travel.

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Summary - nobody checks your tickets when you get off a train.

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It’s different for airplanes, but for trains, no problem.

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Thanks to all. Getting off in Florence😊

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On some subway systems however they DO check your ticket when you exit (e.g., Japan)

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Don't throw your ticket away before you are well clear of your destination station.

Unfortunately there are fare dodgers everywhere in the world so train and bus companies run operations where from time to time passengers are checked for valid tickets at the end of their journey in addition to the usual mid journey checks. This happens more often in some places than in others. London buses, Rome buses, Paris Métro, UK trains, German trains, Dutch trams, it can happen anywhere. Many train and metro systems require a ticket to open the exit barrier gate.

So hold onto that ticket until you are no longer at your destination. I keep them anyway because they are good souvenir bookmarks.

You have a perfectly good ticket to Florence, when you walk out of the SMN station you have as much right as everybody else.