Train ticket categories to Sicily

Does anyone know what the different categories on Trenitalia to Sicily mean? First class in economy? There is a huge difference in prices and I can't figure out what the differences are.

Posted by Frank
Tresana, Highlands Ranch, CO, USA
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Never heard of first class in economy. Are you sure you are reading it correctly? For most trains you have first and second class. Second class is 4 seats wide (2x2) and first is 3 (2x1). Second class seats as to size and space is very similar to business class on airlines. First class is larger but not substantially so. Rarely find much advantage to first class but some people prefer it so it is really a personal choice. First class is always less crowded ('cause it is more expensive for everyone) mostly used by Am tourist and local business types.

Posted by Sherry
Campbell River, Canada
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Hi Linda, My husband and I took the Trenitalia 2nd class to Sicily from Lamezia Terme in Calabria last May. We paid the advance fare of 9 Euro. The seats on the train were very roomy and comfortable, however it seemed to us that all of the passengers going all the way to Sicily were placed in the same car and it was very crowded and slow (loading and unloading the train cars onto the ferry). Fascinating though! The aisles were packed with luggage and passengers. I think that if there is a next time, I would travel 1st class on this leg if available. We flew home back to Rome on Easyjet from Palermo. So much faster and easier. Loved, loved loved Sicily! Ciao, Sherry