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Train Station Locations

I have tried all I know to find out where the train stations are in UK. I can't find anything, so I am asking you all to please help me. My husband and I are leaving next week to go to Shepton Mallet. The company he works for only sets up our air travel and hotel reservations and we have to figure out our own transportation. I know the train is much less expensive than the taxi so we are trying to find the closest station to Shepton Mallet and we can arrange a taxi from there to the hotel. on June 5th we will be leaving Shepton Mallet and going to London to see the sites for a few days. We also need to know if there is a train staion in Bristol. This info will help us make an educated decision on our flight arrangements, so any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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There is a large station in Bristol,,in fact there may be 2! I have to check on that. You can find a map of rail stations at:

If you look around this site you can find maps and also info on fares. If you plan on going to London from Bristol just for the day, it is usually cheaper to purcahse a day return only valid on trains departing around 9 am (offpeak(,

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OK here's how it's done ( quickest and cheapest way ).

You can get get a direct train from Paddington Station in London to Frome in Somerset ( it's pronounced Froom to rhyme with zoom! ).

Once you are in Frome you can either spring for a Taxi to SM ( about £30.00 ) or you can walk a mile to the bus station in Frome and catch a bus ( about £4.00 per person ).

There is a huge train station in Bristol, it's very famous and it's called Bristol Temple Meads Station. It was built by Isembard Kingdom Brunel and it's front edifice is an architectural gem and preserved for posterity, but your best way of getting between London and Shepton Mallet is to use Frome station.

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Thank you all for taking the time to help and I'm sure that as my departure date draws ever closer, I will have more questions. I hope someone can help me with them as well. I hope you all have a great summer! Thanks again!