Train Rome to Salzburg

We are travelling Rome to Salzburg and Salzburg to Prague. We have only a week to do this so was thinking about an overnight train from Rome to Salzburg. Any suggestions about this option?

Posted by Tim
Minneapolis, MN, USA
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There is no direct night train service from Rome to Salzburg. You can take a City Night Line train as far as Wörgl and connect there to the RailJet to Salzburg. See the detailed timetables on the German Rail site.

CNL trains are among the best night trains in Europe. The night train in question goes on to Munich. Even though you will get off the train in Wörgl, book tickets all the way to Munich on the German Rail site so you can get a Savings fare. Book ASAP (up to 92 days allowed) to get the best fare.

Posted by Brenda
vancouver, BC, Canada
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Will this fare allow me to get off in Worgl and onto another (different) train to Salzburg?
I was looking on the Bahn site and not sure whether this is feasible.
I appreciate your suggestions

Posted by Lee
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"Will this fare allow me to get off in Worgl and onto another (different) train to Salzburg?"

Unless you book the entire route, Rome to Wörgl to Salzburg on the bahn site with that savings fare, and I don't think it will let you do that, the fare will not be valid for the non-CNL night train part of the route.

Sometimes the Bahn will let you book connecting trains on those fares, but only with trains of German Rail, which would not include a train from Wörgl to Salzburg.

However, there is a "work-around". Book your travel from Rome to Freilassing, which is a town in Germany, across the river from Salzburg. You can get a Savings Fare for this connection, which goes by night train to Rosenheim and then by regional train to Freilassing. The regional train to Freilassing ends in Salzburg Hbf. The fare from Freilassing to Salzburg is €2,10 pP, purchasable when you change trains in Rosenheim, either from a red Bahn automat or from the ticket counter, from the German Rail website (by mail for an additional €3,50 postage), or possibly on the train. Ask the conductor. He might not even collect a fare, since Rosenheim to either Freilassing or Salzburg is the same fare.