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Train questions Switzerland/Germany


We are Flying into Zurich on November 28th and the flying out of Munich on Dec 8th. We plan on not staying in Zurich, but going to St. Moritz, Davos, or Grindlewald. What is the best train to get from Switzerland to Munich?


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Tony, its not like airlines where you have choices in providers. Its more like city buses or the subway/metro. The "best" is all about where you are, and the time you need to be at your destination. Then you can see options for what time trains leave from that destination and you can choose the departure time. So you have to figure out where you will be - St Moritz, Davos, or Grindelwald - to see what the schedule is.

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I think we need to better understand the question. Are you asking from which location it is better/easier/faster to get to Munich?

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I'll add that for St Moritz to Munich there is a one-hour shortcut with a bus leg:
- train to Scuol
- bus to Landeck-Zams in Austria (change buses at the border)
- train to Innsbruck
- train to Munich

Swiss railways SBB website has the details. Takes about 6.5 hours instead of 7.5 hours by train all the way, and you lose nothing in terms of comfort and scenery.

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My apologies for the confusion. I have looked on the trains sites, but I am having trouble finding the best train from Lauterbrunnen to Munich. Any help would be appreciated.


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Go to I just looked at Dec 5. Easiest is 10:32 train to Interlaken Ost, change to train to Bern, change to a train to Winterthur, change to a train to Munich. Takes 7 hours and 14 minutes. Tickets for sale now, nonrefundable for 19.90 EUR.