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Train Preference...

I'm looking at trains b/n Barcelona and Valencia...there are so many different train companies. They are all the same price for the most part...any suggestions b/n

Euromed, Garcia Lorca, Regional Express, Arco, Mare Nostrum, Talgo

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they are about the same deal just a little differnt in terms of speed, your seat comfi level, and if you'll get a ear plug to listen to music or not, etc. overall trains in spain are all great, so you can't go wrong with any one.

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Hi....they're all actually the same train company, the government-owned RENFE railway company. The names you cite are just fancy names for different services, like in the old days of cross-continental train service in the U-S and Canada. Even today, some Amtrak trains are named, like the "Sunset Limited" or the "Emptire Builder." pick whichever one is most convenient, timewise and pricewise, for you. Don't forget, you may also want to check and see if discount airlines like vueling and clickair serve that route.